• Journalist
  • Expert in typing before she started using the Yogitype
  • Bougt a Yogitype because of osteoarthritis
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Expert opinion of an experienced journalist
Sandra Krens

Two years ago I discovered the Yogitype. Because I am a ‘heavy typer’ with neck and shoulder pains, I was one of the first trying out the vertical keyboard. Since then I have considerably fewer complaints.

As a journalist, I am the most unhealthy computer user that you can have. When I am working with a text, I work there focused on by hours. I hear nothing, my attitude eludes me and I do not take a break. That concentration is good for my work, but not for my body - especially since I've artrosis in my neck. When I 'wake up' from my concentration, I have a lot of pain in neck, shoulders, back and arms. That is, as it was before when I worked with a horizontal standard keyboard.

No forced posture
Since I use the Yogitype I have significantly fewer complaints. This is because I am automatically in a good relaxed posture. My wrists rest on the brackets and my arms are bent at a 90 degree angle so that my back sits up straight. The only move I make when typing is a gentle back and forth movement of my forearms and the keystrokes by my fingers. The old rotation of wrists, arms and shoulders is no longer necessary. Look what happens when typing on a normal keyboard. Then you need the wrists - which are relaxed when turned inward – to turn down. This turn even has an effect up until your shoulders. This forced position is responsible for the extra load on the muscles of your arms, shoulders and neck. In the beginning you will notice little of this, because it's a slight twist. But with intensive computer use this posture can lead to many complaints.

Critical Note
To my opinion, the current design of the Yogitype does not need to change much; I can recommend it to anyone who is working a lot with a computer. Only the mouse, which is place on top of the keyboard, may be improved. For me the cursor responds too slowly to control by my thumbs. I therefore rather work with a wireless mouse.

Less pain and problems
Of course, while working at the computer I have to take care of myself - at least I should: I should have a break every half hour. But that is just simply not in my nature. So I am still working, once the concentration flows, unnoticed for hours. But I do this in a good and relaxed posture. And that saves me a lot of pain and problems. 

Sandra Krens, freelance copywriter en journalist